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Pat Rodegast

Pat's journey as the channel for the spirit Emmanuel began in 1969. While working as a secretary for a publishing company and raising three teenagers, Pat began practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM). Her intent was to quiet her mind. Her experience was unique from the start as she began to see inner visions. Over the period of time, those visions evolved into clear guidance in the form of images from an ever-present light; a light who eventually introduced himself as her spirit guide named Emmanuel.

In her experience, the more she offered up her willingness to receive guidance, the more came. The visions expanded to include telepathic auditory guidance. In a short matter of time Pat was able to "put her ego aside" as she described the experience, and surrender into a full trance state; channeling Emmanuel. The results of her channeling have produced three books compiled by Pat and Judith Stanton aptly entitled "Emmanuel's Book" , "Emmanuel's Book II", and "Emmanuel's Book III" published by Bantam in eleven languages.

In her early days as a channel, Pat gave readings on an individual basis. These readings were so catalytic toward the self-transformation her listeners were seeking, that her popularity grew rapidly and led to what would become her life’s calling: to give readings, lectures and workshops all around the globe.


I am perfect Love, and I am you. You have all been taught that you are born, that you live a certain length of time, and you die. No one is ever lost, physical bodies come and go, but the consciousness that created them is still the same. It is only that one of you now ceases to wear the costume of limitation.

I no longer wear this costume and offer you a faithful mirror in which you can see the truth of who you are. Which is far more than your intellects can possibly stretch to imagine. You are here on a journey of transformation to bring yourselves back into Oneness even as you remain in human form. You have spent your lives seeking to find what you have never lost, which is the essence of your being, the nobility of your purpose, the perfection of who you are.

You all hold within you the answers to every question, every confusion, without exception, but you have been taught to bury that awareness. There is nothing you do not know. You hold divine remembering, the eternal spark of perfect Love.

So look within yourself for a moment of silence…take a breath…quiet your mind and open your soul…and with your remembering, you will find your way back to the truth of who you are, and your divine presence will be your gift to the planet.

It is time to begin to stretch yourselves beyond the wildest considerations of who you are and what is possible to do. You come with infinite capacity to create the entire wondrous panorama of the lives you are living.