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To those who have not experienced a conversation with spirit, or anyone who is walking around unclothed in human form, I would simply say that this is nothing to be frightened of, nothing even to pay undue attention to. There is more to the Universe than can possibly be conceived of by the human brain. And rather than to spend your lives limiting yourself to the capacity of logic and reason, I would say utilize this as a wondrous opportunity to spread your wings and fly. Emmanuel as channeled by Pat Rodegast in ‘The Emmanuel Film’.

We can sit and be given wonderful insight and be bathed in magnificent love, which happens when Emmanuel is around. But then, we’re required to take what we’re given and to put it through our own filter system: to see what is right for us at that moment, and what isn’t. And what isn’t right for us needs to be set aside. We’re not required to obey (information from spirit). I think that’s really important. We are not puppets. We’re not being dictated to, but we’re being given information. We’re being given loving wisdom and what we do with it is our responsibility. Emmanuel says he ‘Stirs the embers of our own remembering’. With Emmanuel’s guidance, together we are here to teach the gospel of unknowing… the walk of faith. Pat Rodegast - Channel for Emmanuel

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Friends of Emmanuel

"I have had the opportunity to get to know Emmanuel's teachings and as a psychologist I have realized that it does not matter how Pat is able to communicate these teachings because the truth and intuitive validity of what Emmanuel says is what really matters. He has a certain charm, warmth and humor that has made me treasure him as a friend. So whether that information is coming from the deepest part of Pat or from another being or from the highest one that lies beyond all forms it does not matter; as long as it helps guide us home."

Ram Dass