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The Emmanuel Effect

Often times hearing another persons story is just what we need to help us along our own journey. This page is meant to be a collect of stories from people whose lives over the years Emmanuel has changed and impacted. We encourage you to not just read through but to submit your own as well…

From: Ricardo Zaidenberg

Well HI!

After finishing reading Emmanuel's third book -- is that four years ago already?-- I started browsing the web to find a way to contact you people, I guess that just to say hi, and thanks.

So now let me say Hello and Thanks, to all of you who somehow help Emmanuel´s message reach out to us readers. As for Emmanuel, in my thoughts and heart, I have more than once thanked and greeted him.

Well, my life is full of serendipities. I have dived into the adventure of life. Any time I have to choose a path, I try to remember to ask myself "Which paths calls me because of love, and which one because of fear? Is this seeming loving path just fear in disguise? Is this seeming fearful path in truth love, that fear disguises as itself for me to avoid it?"

Risky decisions in my life have been guided by this words. One of the strongest decisions I made was that after a month of dating an adorable person, I learnt that he is HIV positive. I wanted to run away, and to remain. I remained, choosing love. The little one in me smiles widely, and holds hope. I know nothing amazing has been written here, but that Emmanuel's teachings are my constant companions, and I am still working on them. Long way to go, still, I guess. I really feel in the mist of darkness, holding a candle, always looking for the darkest to realize it was not so dark after all.

Well I guess that is all. I wonder if someday I will come to meet Emmanuel through Pat, and Pat or any of Emmanuel`s friends personally. The wider part of me knows that is already a fact. As well as it knows that the one holding the candle in seeming darkness only has to learn to open his eyes.

Thanks again to all of you.

And of course, I love Emmanuel.

From: Patricia

Anyway, I have read the first book so far, as here in Spain I haven't seen the others yet. What struck me most is the fact that everytime I ask a specific question and open the book at random I get a specific answer to that question... my mother committed suicide 1985 and the second time I opened the book it opened on what Emmanuel says about suicide, incredible... the first time it opened on anger, and I was very, very angry at that very moment but at the same time feeling really bad about it... well you know what he says.

Lots of love, and carry on with the lovely work

From: Brad Harbuck

As a veteran reader of Ram Dass since the early 70's I was intrigued a few years ago when I learned of Emmanuel. Until then I pretty much ignored the concept of channelling. To my way of thinking and understanding I wanted only to approach spirit through bhakti yoga and karma yoga. Anything that might hint that I might either want or could use something as esoteric as channelling was seen by myself as a potential trap for my ego. However, two things wore me down, so to speak.

One, my absolute trust in Ram Dass made me curious. Two, Almost six years ago I came down with esophogeal cancer. Illness has a way of putting order into your life after everything else has been "burnt-up". My health is fine now but had it gone the other way that would had been fine too.

Emmanuel crops up in my life 2-3 years ago as I continued my own internal work. The possibility there might be beings of light to help me in my journey is more than a little bit exciting. I have used the Emmanuel books somewhat like scripture and sometimes parts like a mantra, helping me to stay in rememberance of who I really am.

At present I am hoping to find a way in myself to where I can push deeper inside. I am not always sure how "I" will manifest when I feel in full rememberance but I know I care less know what other people will think than ever before. Emmanuel says channelling is a gift open to us all. I wish there were a way to know if that avenue is for me at this time or if someother way will be the next door to open.